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Welcome to the new TRA website.  Are you new to this site? If you haven’t registered recently (after Oct 2015), you will need to register (or navigate there by hovering your mouse over “Members” and then clicking on “Register” on the main menu) so that we can ensure that only valid members have access to our member database.  Not a TRA member?  Join on-line (Members->Member Join).  For help on using our TRA website, click here.

What’s New on the Site

  • Some of you may have noticed that the photo galleries from our past events are no longer accessible. Not to fear! It was a technical issue with our host server, which will require us to re-post the galleries. We will have that fixed in the next few days.
  • We have posted the latest versions of the Inside Aerospace magazine. To see them, click here
  • We are sorry to pass on the following sad news:
    • We heard the following from member Larry Lynn: February 1st Darryl Staab was diagnosed with Lymphoma, stage 3 and entered Torrance Memorial Hospital on Feb 2 and began chemotherapy treatments the following day. I received a call from Torrance Memorial 2/14/2017 at 10:12 PM that our friend Darryl M. Staab had passed away. The cancer had too much of a head start. He will be cremated and wanted no services or memorials. He did say that it would be okay if his friends got together for a few drinks a little later…
    • Dennis Goodno passed away in his sleep after a series of chemo treaments. We have lost a great contributor to the I&T of many successful TRW programs.
    • Sandy Friedfeld passed away on February 11 at age 82.
    • One of our members, Ginny Oliver, wrote to inform us of the passing of a former TRW employee, Vivian Grace Kidwell, last December. Grace was 85.
  • The Northrop Grumman Retirement Club (NGRC) is sponsoring a tripto the Lawrence Welk Theatre in Escondido on Thursday, March 2. The cost if $75 and includes round trip bus fare, a full course lunch, and the live play. If you would like to join in the adventure, please call Marie Austin (310) 722-6465 ASAP and fill out the form by clicking My Fair Lady Reservations Form.
  • Election Results for 2017 Officer: Thanks to all of our members who took time to vote. We received ballots from 29% of our members, roughly half by mail, and half via on-line voting. The 2017 Board of Directors will be:

    • President: Mary Ann Chory
    • Vice President: Al Hausrath
    • Secretary: Michael Narigon
    • Treasurer: Charles Clendening
    • Newly elected Directors: Robert Doll, Rosalind Lee, and Jack Trost
    • Carry-over Directors from 2016: Reggie Jue, Marcy Morrison, and Carol Schamp

To see a message from our new in-coming TRA President, click here.

  • We have now posted an updated list of NG Clubs. Retirees are welcome to join as associate members. For details, click here.