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Welcome to the new TRA website.  Are you new to this site? If you haven’t registered recently (after Oct 2015), you will need to register (or navigate there by hovering your mouse over “Members” and then clicking on “Register” on the main menu) so that we can ensure that only valid members have access to our member database.  Not a TRA member?  Join on-line (Members->Member Join).  For help on using our TRA website, click here.

What’s New on the Site

  • Former TRW Department Manager, Jerry Elverum has informed us of an interesting series being aired by the Smithsonian Channel called “America’s Secret Space Heroes.”  For more information about this series, click here


  • A retiree mentors STEM students

    We have an opportunity to leverage our STEM experience and give back to society by volunteering to tutor under-resourced students.  To find out more information, see our post by clicking here.

  • We have posted the latest No Name Gazette (May/Jun). To see it, or to visit our archives, hover over the “Publications” tab on the Main Menu, or just click here. We also post versions of the Inside Aerospace magazine. To see them, click here
  • For more information about passing of our colleagues, please visit our In Memoriam page. Meanwhile, we are sorry to pass on the following sad news:
    • Margaret Cates sent us a note telling us that her father, Martin H. Shuler, passed away this past March 20. He was 97. Services were held at his home in Woodland Hills.
    • Greg Jones, an NGAS I&T manager has informed us that Dave Payne passed away unexpectedly on June 10.   Dave worked at TRW in DSP I&T, systems engineering and business development back in the 80’s and 90’s.  For more information about the services, please see our In Memoriam page.
    • Clayton wrote to inform us of the passing of his friend and mentor, Khiem Tija, on May 25 after battling pancreatic cancer for about a year. Khiem was brave and courageous to the end, enduring chemo, radiation, and a trial drug all unfortunately without success.
    • We have hard from the Marts family, letting us know of the passing of Carl “John” Marts on Tuesday, May 23 after a short battle with cancer. John has been a long-time TRA member.
    • Martin H. Shuler’s daughter, Margaret, informed us that Martin passed away on March 20, 2017.
    • Kurt Schmid’s daughter, Karin, wrote us to let us know that Kurt passed away on March 22, 2017. He was 94.
    • NG employee Tim Moore has written us to say that his father, Bob Moore, passed away after a quick illness last Tuesday, March 27th on his 25th anniversary of his TRW retirement.  Bob would have been 94 on April 26th.  Bob really enjoyed visiting with his old-time TRW friends, but was not able to attend meetings as much lately because his vision became limited and it was hard for him to walk. We will post service information here when available.  For more information about Bob from his son, or to leave a message, please see the comment by navigating on our main menu to “Members” > “In Memoriam” or by clicking here.
    • Paula Weisgerber wrote us to say that her father, Phillip J. Weisgerber, passed away on January 13, 2017. He worked for TRW/Northrop since 1967 as a illustrator. He was 73 years old.
    • Member Gloria La Mantia wrote to say that her husband, Anthony B. La Mantia, passed away February 8. He worked for 5 years on Milstar in computer graphics. Gloria says that “he taught me how to drive our Motor Home- now I can drive it to the Beach for Inspiration. I’m going to miss him–he took care of me.”
  • We are nearing the time to consider membership on the TRA Board of Directors. If you are interested in volunteering to serve on the Board, or volunteering to serve your TRA in other ways, drop us a note. To see a message from our new in-coming TRA President, click here.
  • We have now posted an updated list of NG Clubs. Retirees are welcome to join as associate members. For details, click here.