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Welcome to the new TRA website.  Are you new to this site? If you haven’t registered recently (after Oct 2015), you will need to register (or navigate there by hovering your mouse over “Members” and then clicking on “Register” on the main menu) so that we can ensure that only valid members have access to our member database.  Not a TRA member?  Join on-line (Members->Member Join).  For help on using our TRA website, click here.

What’s New on the Site

  • The 2016 Annual Summer Reunion was held at the S-Cafeteria in Space Park on Aug 12. We had a great turnout, and welcomed many new members, as well as many old friends.  Photos from the event have been posted on this site.  Just navigate on the Main Menu to Events->Past Event Photos, or just click here.
  • Do you have a question or comment about any topic that you would like to pose to the membership?  That’s what the Forums are for!  A member has posted a question about Towers-Watson.  If you would like to comment, go to the Forums tab on the main menu, or just go to http://tra-spacepark.org/forums/forum/health-and-life-insurance/.
  • July marks the 40th anniversary of the Viking 1 landing on Mars.  TRW engineers proudly built two of the instrument packages on that lander.  Northrop Grumman will host an AIAA presentation about the mission this Thursday, July 28, in the E2 Presentation Room.  For more information, click here.


  • Mal Kong has documented hAEHF Photois reminiscence about his years building the world’s most advanced communication satellite, Advanced EHF.  To see the results, click here.
  • We have now added the option of renewing your membership using either PayPal or a credit card.  We are starting our membership drive, and you will receive a reminder in the mail.  If you choose the convenience of using a credit card or your PayPal account to renew you membership, just navigate to the Membership Renewal page under the Members tab on the main menu, or just click here.
  • We are sorry to pass on that we have lost the following retirees:
      Dave Vandervoet has informed us of the passing of Chuck Sylvia at age 82.  In addition to his work in Quality Assurance at TRW, Chuck served on the Los Alamitos City Council for 25 years and as mayor for 4 terms.  Dave spoke at Chuck’s memorial, noting his work in Quality Assurance on the Milstar satellite payload program, and that Chuck’s legacy was the safety and security of all of us in the room and in the United States. Since no one knew what Chuck worked on, many were moved and some had a tear in their eye.
      Rick Downey called to let us know that Royce Matejka had passed away in July of this year.
      Bob Brodsky has passed away at age 90 after a short illness in March of this year.   An avid sailor, Bob worked at TRW and taught at USC until they retired and moved to Claremont in 2012.  For more information, please click here.
      Margie E. Brown has informed us that her husband, H. Donald Brown, passed away on March 9, 2016.  Donald worked at TRW for 27 years on Viking, Apollo 13, and the Miracl laser project before retiring as an Assistant Section Head.  He loved sailing and he and Margie worked the 1984 Olympic sailing venue.
    To see more, or to leave a comment on someone who has passed, go to our In Memoriam page.
  • If you’re interested in flying, see how Bill Harper and Phil Wyels are restoring a Travel Air biplane.
  • We have now posted an updated list of NG Clubs. Retirees are welcome to join as associate members. For details, click here.