TRA Events Survey

With the escalating costs of venues and food, and declining attendance, your TRA Board of Directors is soliciting your inputs regarding future events such as the Spring Fling. We would appreciate hearing from you, either via email, comments on this page, or by providing feedback through the survey below.  Note that if you leave a comment on the bottom of this page, all members visiting the page will be able to see your comment and respond.

Your name, email, and phone number are completely optional, but if you have information on venues, or would like to provide more inputs, please add contact information so that we can contact you later.

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Please indicate which of the following TRA events you have attended in the past:

Please indicate which of the following options for future events you would consider. Please vote on every option on a scale of 1 to 5 stars, with 5 stars being most desirable.

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