Memories of Advanced EHF

Mal Kong has documented his reminiscence about his years building the world’s most advanced communication satellite, Advanced EHF.  To see the results, click here.

If you have stories or photos that you would like to share, you can post them in the Member Forums, or send them to the TRA and we’ll post them for you on the site.

5 thoughts on “Memories of Advanced EHF

  1. On AEHF, Aerospace and LM wanted to impose a spec on us for EM storm caused outages and outage times and recovery. I rejected this because they could not specify an environmental prediction model for use (none exists). Clayton and his counterpart Manny agreed that such a spec was not viable.

  2. Bob Jacobs passed away on Aug 11, 2017. He was the single event effects analysis expert on AEHF, AMP G, and P072, among others. He was 70 and had some 20 years with the company when he retired some years ago.

  3. Congratulations to VP Gabe Watson on his retirement after 36 years or so.
    Gabe was Deputy PM under Clayton on the AEHF payload in 2002. After a stint on SBIRS GEO sensor, Gabe returned to become VP and PM on the AEHF. He was also PM on STSS and new program developments.

  4. Verne Nagayama, who was the AEHF Digital Products IPT manager and subsequently became Electronics Technology Director, retired from NGAS at the end of Feb 2017.
    He had 30 plus years of service with the company (TRW and NGAS combined).

  5. Thanks to all other AEHF team players who were not specifically mentioned nor identified in my “Memories” charts. You all assisted to help build NGC’s most advanced and significant communications payload system.
    We can all be very proud of our accomplishment for years to come!!

    Mal Kong

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