2018 TRA Officers and Directors-at-Large Electronic Ballot

Voting for your 2018 TRA Officers and Directors-at-Large is now closed! We will compile the on-line votes with the email and mail-in submissions and announce the 2018 Board of Directors shortly.

Each summer the TRA Board nominates its Officers and Directors-at-Large for the coming year. These names are then submitted to the members to ratify or to nominate other candidates. Officers serve for a one-year term, while the Directors-at-Large are elected for a term of two years. The longer term for the latter group helps bring continuity to the management and operation of TRA. Directors-at-Large are limited to three consecutive terms (six years.) Officers are limited to two consecutive terms (two years), with the exception of the Treasurer, who may serve up to five consecutive terms.


Below are the current 2017 officers and directors.  To find out more about the 2018 nominees, please click here.

2017 Officers

Mary Ann Chory
Al Hausrath
Vice President
Charles Clendening
Michael Narigon
Dena Bouskos
Past President

2017 Directors-at-Large

Robert Doll** Reggie Jue* Marcy Morrison* Carol Schamp* Jack Trost** Stephanie Sundius**
*Completes term in 2017                            **Completes term in 2018

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