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Interesting documents about the history of TRW/NGAS

Read this history of TRW in The Legacy of TRW and Space Park by Dr. Leslie Hromas. This revision, dated October 2008, is an update from the earlier revision 1 that was posted prior to October 2017.

Aerospace: The industry that built the South Bay–from the Easy Reader, October 17, 2013

In 1967, Star Trek filmed an episode at Space Park.  Live Long and Prosper.

In the 60’s and 70’s, TRW hosted quite a few politicians.

If you saw the movie Apollo 13, you know that ground personnel worked feverishly to bring the astronauts home. You may not know that TRW played a big part.

TRW retirees know that people used to dress a lot better in the old days. Or did they?


  1. regards dress code:
    In 1982 when I hired into TRW as a Project Manager, I always wore a suit or coat and tie.
    When a younger staff engineer asked me “why?’, I said that because I was a PM and wanted to project that position. It was not until about 2001 when I joined the AEHF team as Design Integration Manager did I finally stop wearing a tie since hardly anyone else on the team did. However ever casual Friday I wore an aloha shirt and jeans, reflecting my local boy Island custom. Today it’s very casual, maybe too casual!

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