“America’s Secret Space Heroes” on the Smithsonian Channel

–by Jerry Elverun

I did extensive interviews with Arrow Media as part of the Episode 2. about the

LUNAR MODULE for Apollo. I have not yet gotten my copy of the production, but I am assuming it includes significant parts of my interview. Therefore, I thought you might like a “heads up” about this presentation.. Perhaps some of our ATD colleagues may enjoy it also if you could forward this.

Episode 2 is scheduled to be broadcast on Sunday, May 21 at 9:00 PM Eastern time.  I assume it will Air at6:00 PM PDT in California. That should be checked out locally to be sure.

All six Episodes should  be worth watching as Arrow Media spent considerable effort on the production. You might be interested to know that the Biology and Metrology instruments that were used on Mars in theVIKING MARS MISSION, (note Episode 6, June 18) were developed by Departments in the Energy Systems Operations which I managed at Systems Group of TRW in the 70’s.


Jerry Elverum

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