Be An Industry Advisor for Cal State LA Engineering Senior Project



CSULA Senior Design Program Supported by TRA and Northrop Volunteers

The College of Engineering at California State University, Los Angeles, conducts a Professional Practice Program that partners industry with students. The capstone course, referred to as Senior Design, is an academic year-long course with an aim to enhance the recruitment, retention, and graduation of high potential engineering students that enter the professional workforce. Industry sponsors provide real problems, funding, and seasoned liaisons for each project. The student teams are also partnered with a faculty member or professional volunteer to help guide their engineering practice. Most years, there are approximately 100 Electrical and Mechanical Engineering students in the course that are working on 25 projects. TRW/Northrop Grumman has contributed in a major way by not only underwriting the program with an ongoing endowment, but in the past three academic years, 10 retirees have participated as technical advisors. These participants included:

Don Baxter
Bob Doll
Charley Hoult
Hagop Injeyan
Reggie Jue
Ray Manning
Ted Nye
George Reppucci
Stepan Simonian
Ron Sobchik

In addition to the projects, the course conducts expert guest lectures, that have been taught by the following Northrop Grumman employees:

Ron Evans – Electromagnetic Compatibility
Sam Foroozan – Electrical Power Systems
Aaron Oki – Microelectronics
Cecilia Penera – Thermal Design

Cal State University, Los Angeles serves over a 90% minority population, where most attendees are the first in their families to attend college. We are looking for additional retirees to join our ranks. It’s an opportunity to share your skills, knowledge, experience in anything from management skills to reviewing designs and providing advice. Please contact Ted Nye, Senior Design Instructor at or 310-251-2502. As little as one hour a week can make a difference in the life of a student.




Don Baxter with Students that Designed and Built an Electric Powered Supercharger for GM







Dr. Hagop Injeyan Explains Project Requirements to the DirecTV Student Team






Charley Hoult with Students that Presented a Paper on their 10,000 ft. Sounding Rocket Design







Ron Sobchik Looks Over an Electromagnetic Railgun Design with Students for a Project with Los Alamos National Laboratory





Ted Nye with Students that Designed, Built, and Installed a Solar Power System with 35 Computers for an Elementary School in Oaxaca, Mexico

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