Martin MelnickMartin Melnick

I changed my Part D policy for 2018. I waited on hold for 20 minutes before I spoke to anybody. Next I was connected to an ‘expert’ who went through a series of questions that I couldn’t stop although I had already picked my policy. Next 15 minutes more of hold then was connected to a enrollment specialist who went over the questions again and then read a two minute blurb from Medicare. Next came a recorded blurb from Medicare that lasted 5 minutes. Took me about two hours. I then asked if I could enroll for whom I had been granted POA on the T-W form. Pinhead on the line wouldn’t allow it and said I need to call back when she was available.

I don’t think one should be surprised at the outcome in dealing with T-W. Just listening to the reps it is clear that they are minimum wage hires with marginable educational background. Sure T-W has some good CSRs, but they are not the ones that answer the calls from NG clients. I have had some success on dealing with billing reimbursement issues but it takes at least two levels of escalation before reaching someone that would inderstand.