Nancy CastleNancy Castle

My husband ( Tom Castle) and I ( Nancy Castle) both retired from TRW, he in 1991 and me 1993.We received our $7500 life insurance policy at that time and it was with AEtna Life Insurance Co. . In approx. 2005 the police changed to “Metlife”, and we received a formal letter from Metlife confirming the policy. In 2016 we received another letter from Metlife informing us that it was no longer necessary to call NG Benefits first but if we have any questions about our coverage to call them direct at (866) 492-6983.Tom passed away in 2014 and I had no trouble filing a claim for his life insurance. OK, now a dear friend ( Richard Coulter) also a TRW retiree, he retired in 1990 or 1991 passed away Mar. 10th and his family so far has not been able to find all of his important papers.I gave them the information I have and they got nowhere! I spent the last few days trying to get information for them but both Metlife and NGBC have no record of him a all!
My question is : has anyone else had this problem getting the life insurance benefit?
His family is still looking for his paperwork and I don’t know where to turn next. If you have any info please email me at : tnncastle@cox.net