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      Reggie JueReggie Jue

      Member Jackie Barnes asks:

      Does anyone have information on who the insurance company is (& contact info) for the life insurance policy that retirees used to get? My mom had one of those policies but we can’t find it. It was not a huge amount ($??) and was intended for burial expenses.

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      Terry KinneyTerry Kinney

      I do not believe anyone received an actual policy. Contact info is:

      Northrop Grumman Benefit Center
      PO Box 4872
      Chesapeake, VA 23327-4872

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      Nancy CastleNancy Castle

      My husband ( Tom Castle) and I ( Nancy Castle) both retired from TRW, he in 1991 and me 1993.We received our $7500 life insurance policy at that time and it was with AEtna Life Insurance Co. . In approx. 2005 the police changed to “Metlife”, and we received a formal letter from Metlife confirming the policy. In 2016 we received another letter from Metlife informing us that it was no longer necessary to call NG Benefits first but if we have any questions about our coverage to call them direct at (866) 492-6983.Tom passed away in 2014 and I had no trouble filing a claim for his life insurance. OK, now a dear friend ( Richard Coulter) also a TRW retiree, he retired in 1990 or 1991 passed away Mar. 10th and his family so far has not been able to find all of his important papers.I gave them the information I have and they got nowhere! I spent the last few days trying to get information for them but both Metlife and NGBC have no record of him a all!
      My question is : has anyone else had this problem getting the life insurance benefit?
      His family is still looking for his paperwork and I don’t know where to turn next. If you have any info please email me at :

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      I have encountered exactly the situation you described. I spent 30 minutes with NG benefits, and they transfered me to Metlife. Spent 30 minutes with Metlife benefits, and they transferred me back to NG. Another 30 minutes with Metlife and back to NG. This time, NG instructed me to write letters to NG Benefits and Metlife Bookkeeping and to enclose a copy of my TRW/AETNA certificate. These letters were posted this pm to:
      Northrop Grumman Benefits, P. O. Box 770003, Cincinnati, OH 45277-0065 and Metlife Bookkeeping, P. O. Box 14401, Lexington, KY 40512-4401. Neither entity were able to find my certificate, or for that matter any record of my name or SSN. I retired from the TRW INC Electronics and Defense in 1988.

      In 2006 I got a 2006 Summary Annual Reports from NG. Talked with them at that time (800-894-4194) and they agreed that they held my certificate and my file.

      My certificate reads “TRW INC Electronics and Defense”. What did or does yours read.
      The reason I ask is because it is my understanding that not all of TRW ended up with NG, such as the automotive parts.
      Sincerely, Lucian V. Franklin Jr

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