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      Reggie JueReggie Jue

      The LA Times is reporting that Si Ramo has passed away at age 103. If you have a story about Si that you would like to share, please go ahead and post your comments here.

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      Mary Ann ChoryMary Ann Chory

      Here is the link to the Los Angeles Times article on Dr. Ramo.


      It was a privilege to work at the company Si Ramo built. I saw him talk several times in small groups and he was always inspirational and thought provoking. The last time I saw Dr. Ramo was when NGC honored him for his 100th birthday. The Presentation Center at Space Park was packed. Dr. Ramo ended up talking to us for over 30 minutes taking great pleasure in pointing out to our NGAS president that in the early days many of the TRW products and testing set the framework for unmanned aircraft systems. Rest in peace to a truly inspriational leader who left our world a better and safer place.

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      Mal KongMal Kong

      Si Ramo made TRW an elite and prestigious place for engineers and scientists to work. His concept of an office for every engineer and scientist was unprecedented in the Aerospace industry. Every practicing manager should read his 2005 book “Meetings, Meetings, and More Meetings: Getting Things Done When People Are Involved”, in which he estimated that 3/4 of all the meetings he ever attended could have been shorter with more useful results! His start of work in the ballistic missile arena precipitated the need to form TRW’s Vulnerability & Hardness Lab in 1968 (the lab’s name was subsequently changed to the Hardness & Survivability Lab by Dr. Don Jortner).
      Peace to a truly great man who will always be remembered. Thank you, Dr. Ramo for your “all” that you gave us.
      Mal Kong

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      David VandervoetDavid Vandervoet

      In the mid-1990s, when we rapidly growing out telecom business with Nokia and other companies, Tim Hannemann had me meet several times in Century City with Dr. Ramo. I was quite impressed as I had used his textbook “Fields and Waves” (by Ramo and Whinnery) in my EE classes in the 1960s. Dr Ramo followed the emerging telecom business very closely and always admonished us to partner with the company with a long term strategy, not a company trying to get rich quick from the telecom buzz.
      David Vandervoet

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      Mal KongMal Kong

      The LA Times has yet another story on Si in today’s edition. The link is
      The site has an excellent 7 minute video by the National Academy of Engineers on Si when he made 100 years old.

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