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10 thoughts on “Messaging

  1. Learned that Robert W. Jacobs passed away on Aug 11, 2017. Bob was 70 and had about 20 years with TRW/Northrop when he retired some time ago. He specialized in electronics design and analyses, and was the company’s expert on single event effects analysis for AMP and AEHF programs, among others.

  2. I am sorry to report Gary Held, SEID, DSG, is suffering from dementia. To all his old friends, please send his wife Berte and daughter Becky your thoughts. They reside in Seal Beach, California or contact me.

    I was Dr. Held’s secretary. I also worked for Dave McNelis – retired to Sandpoint, Idaho.

    Marilyn Schatz

  3. Am saddened to see the passing of two old TRWites. Bill Shakespeare and Bob Hibbard were both part of the teams that supported many of my programs. First, I would plead with Bill to get my drawings out. Then down-stream cajoling Bob to get my hardware & assemblies out of Precision Assembly. They both made my life exciting, but better! Not a lot of EO’s from Bill, and rarely any reworks required of Bob’s crew. They were true professionals and TRW was a better company because of them. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Dan and Yvette Doiron

  4. For those that saw my “AEHF Memories” recently posted I apologize for the subpar quality of the slides that occurred when my originals were compressed by ~14.8x when posted. Reggie said that he will give it more
    MBs soon to bring it up to the quality of the most sophisticated MILSATCOM payload ever built.

  5. I have just signed in to the New Account today. I moved from Carpinteria CA to Ohio the first of the year — TRA now has my new address!
    On Feb 1, 2015, I sent my check #1019 to TRA to renew my subscription to the newsletter. My Check cleared the Bank on 2/15. I have not received any correspondence from TRA in 2015 so I have just completed “registering” — and am hopeful that, somehow, your system will now re-institute me as a “member in good standing” and resume sending me stuff!
    Thank you,
    Arthur H. Williams

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