Meet Our New Members

Welcome our latest new members since our last update!

Barbara Bayles Adams Huntington Beach, CA
Eva Cullum Redondo Beach, CA
Ken Dade Dolores, CO
Eric Eisemann Rancho Palos Verdes, CA
Shirley Eshbaugh Manhattan Beach, CA
Bob Huff Rancho Palos Verdes, CA
Valerie Nesbitt Redondo Beach, CA
Howard Okano Torrance, CA
Alan Ross Tarzana, CA
Janice Ross Marana, AZ
Carol Segal Manhattan Beach, CA
Samuel Talmadge Agoura Hills, CA
Robin Zabalaoui Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

We hope these new members will send a note to us for the Mail Pouch, telling us a little about themselves and where they worked at Northrop Grumman. Send to or to TRA, P.O. Box 1276, Redondo Beach, CA 90278. Or, better yet, visit our Forum Page, click on “Mail Pouch” and add a topic.

If you know someone who has recently retired (or has been retired for years) but not a TRA member, invite them to log into and join. The first year is free, and only $10 / year after that.

9 thoughts on “Meet Our New Members

  1. Hi Reg, Dena, Steph and others. I just logged on and am happy with what I’m seeing so far. My thoughts are that retirees would of course be most interested in people they knew (working, retired, or sad to say passed away); the state of programs they supported or cared about; organizational changes; and program wins and opportunities. A local NGC Facebook of sorts. Your forum topics actually hit most of these already. It would be wonderful if you can get NG Communications to add TRA to distribution so you can post them on this website. They are the group responsible for determining what info gets released publicly. What if you sent a invite link to Cynthia Curiel (VP Communications) so that she can see what the site looks like and what info her group might be able to send. Feel free to use my name.

    • Thanks, Clayton… Good idea. I’ll send an invite to Cynthia. Failing that, though, I was hoping that getting enough people contributing to the Forums would result in most of the news filtering into the site through the numerous contacts that folks still have with the company. So, getting the right Forum topics is important.

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