Sign Up for the JWST High Bay Tour

Sign Up for JWST Tour #2

TRA is pleased to announce signups are available for our second James Web Space Telescope (JWST) tour scheduled for April 5, 2018 at 11 AM, at the Space Park facility in Redondo Beach, CA. This free event is for TRA members and guests who are U.S. citizens.

Note that the Building S Cafeteria will be open after the tour until 1pm so you might be able to meet up with friends and have lunch at the cafeteria.

Upon your signup and notification that you have been accepted for the tour, please plan to meet in the Space Park Building E2 lobby roughly 20 minutes before the tour start to be signed in. You will need to bring a valid form of government-issued identification, such as a state driver’s license or U.S. passport. As part of the tour we will be walking between buildings, and going up and down stairs will be an option. No photography is allowed.

Because of the high demand we plan to schedule more tours as the JWST integration progresses. According to the program schedule, for this first tour, the spacecraft and sunshade should be viewable in the high bay. The Optical Telescope Element should be in the High Bay but will likely be in a position that may not be viewable from the Observation Deck.

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8 thoughts on “Sign Up for the JWST High Bay Tour

    • Hi, Jim… I’m glad you were interested in the video. I’m not sure which part of the sequence you were wondering about, but I’m pretty certain that it was intended to be chronological. There are a couple of activities that could be confusing. At about 50 seconds into the video, a structure that looks like the telescope backplane gets positioned. That piece is MGSE (the actual backplane is coming shortly as part of the integrated telescope), and they’re likely doing a fit check at that point. Ground equipment is needed because the sunshield pallets need something to attach to. That structure gets installed again at around 2:30 in the video and the entire assembly gets moved to a stand for a mechanical tap test to validate structure models and their ability to predict vibration modes. It’s needed for this step and the next, which is a deployment test, but then gets removed again.

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