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New Photographic History of TRW Completed

Helpers Needed For Future Projects

The TRA Archives team has completed a great photographic history of TRW-Northrop Grumman from 1953 to 2009. The contents in this CD were selected by Bob Doll and Jack Williams from the thousands of records in the TRA archives, but the material in these files was sorted and indexed by the full TRA Archives team.

This Power Point presentation contains 93 pages of photos and facts, starting with this very early photo of Drs. Simon Ramo and Dean Wooldridge. Drs. Dean Wooldridge & Simon Ramo; Aimee Joy, Secretary; and Frank Clement; in front of first Ramo-Wooldridge office in Westchester, CA., September 16, 1953.

This early photo of Space Park is just one of many on the CD.

Photos of many of the satellites and their test facilities are also included. All TRA members will be receiving a copy along with the 2010 TRA Membership Directory, planned for mailing in July/August. TRA Archives is looking for a few good people to help continuing indexing and filing the history of RW, STL, TRW and Northrop Grumman Space Systems Division. For the curious, this is an interesting volunteer opportunity to read interesting tidbits from the past and help organize them into files that others can access. The Archives Group meets every Wednesday morning in the TRA offices in Building E2 at Space Park in Redondo Beach, hours 9ish to noon. If interested, please contact Darrell Ausherman at:

By mail: TRA, Attn: Darrell Ausherman, P.O. Box 1276, Redondo Beach, CA 90278

By phone: Wednesday Mornings only: 310-813-7745

By email:

3 thoughts on “TRW Archives Team

  1. Do you archivers have the large red 129 page paperback titled “TRW 1901-2001” by Timothy C. Jacobson that was published in 2001?
    I have it and it certainly should be placed in the archives. Preferably it should be made available for viewing to all tra members via a CD if Reggie Jue or someone could get it scanned in.
    Maybe you already have it and are doing this?
    Even a flowchart of the NGC organization’s evolution from Cleveland Cap Screw Company would be interesting.
    Somebody send me a reply, please.

  2. I have 2 OGO mugs in excellent condition. They commemorate OGO V launched in 1968.

    Please call if you are interested. The children would probably end up giving them to Goodwill, I’m sure Ralph Turkolu would be very pleased if they found a place in your display

    ciao melinda turkolu
    310 372 0807

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