2017 Holiday Party Attendees

Mail-in Reservations: (not so real-time, so please be patient)

Sally Abling
Sherry A Adame
Robert C Africano
Shelita C Allen
Darrell R. Ausherman
Michael E Balale
Brian S Beckham and Edie Beckham
Dena B Bouskos
Lynn R Bridgman and Esther Bridgman
Bernard Bronstein and Susan Bronstein
Karen E Czerwinski
Arnold E. Devine and Nickie Devine
Louise S Dobler
Robert W Doll and Sue
Kathy Downey and Rich Downey
George R Dvorsky and Diane Dvorsky
Kathryn E Egli and Steve Egli
Rudy Q. Flores and Beatrice
Tim J. Galvin and Marlene Galvin
Mary A. Garcia and Vera & Joe Villa
Linda Geyer and June Halstead
Bruce A. Giles and Nancy & Sheila Giles
Ronald J. Haky and Brenda Haky
LeRoy M. Herold and Barbara Herold
Mary Jane Holcomb
Carl E Holcomb
Richard C. Keidel and RoseMarie Keidel
Robert A. Kessenich
Charles (Chuck) Lillie
Steven L Lucas and Rhonda MacDonald
Rosemary Magnanti and Mariann McEniry
Jean C Magro-Miller
Roger L. Mills and Carol Jeung-Mills
Marie I Milner and Howard Treloar
Cecilia Misner and William Misner
Marlys G Morrison
Nicki J Noble
Tom P Nosek and Leah Nosek
Bud Orlando and Trish Lange
Holly C. Osborne
Rose Mary Parker and Barbara Valdez, Manny Valdez, Glenn Miller
Lyman M. Pauls Jr. and Alice Pauls
Robert A. Paulson and Yvette I. Paulson
Karin E. Petersen
John M. Piacentini
Elva S Reed
Donna Rieb and Stan Rieb
Richard E Rose and Anne Rose
William R. Ryan and Betty Ryan
Jerry T Sayas
Patrick Shea
Richard B. Sherwood and Judith Stewrt
Joella M Smith and Allen Parker
Noble C. Smith Jr and Jim Green
Stephanie K Sundius
Soen-Hian Tjia
Jack E. Trost and Midge Trost
Robert Vazquez and Carolyn Vazquez
Rochelle A Venegas
Wayne Widner
Esau Wilder and Jacob Wilder
Linda Williams
Jack J. Williams and Amy Willliams
Cathy Wittig
Fran F. Yamamoto

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