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Look what’s been going on in the M2 High Bay in Redondo Beach.

Welcome to the new TRA website.  Are you new to this site? If you haven’t registered recently (after Oct 2015), you will need to register (or navigate there by hovering your mouse over “Members” and then clicking on “Register” on the main menu) so that we can ensure that only valid members have access to our member database.  Not a TRA member?  Join on-line (Members->Member Join).  For help on using our TRA website, click here.

Upcoming JWST Tour

Thanks to Mary Ann Chory, Reggie Jue, and our tour volunteers, TRA is pleased to host our first James Web Space Telescope (JWST) tour scheduled for February 13, 2018 between 10 AM and noon, at the Space Park facility in Redondo Beach, CA. This free event is for TRA members and guests who are U.S. citizens. All who signed up should have received email instructions for the tour.

Because of the large number of registrants, we plan to schedule more tours as the JWST integration progresses. According to the program schedule, for this first tour, the spacecraft and sunshade should be viewable in the high bay. The Optical Telescope Element should be received at Space Park but may still be in its shipping container.

What’s New on the Site

  • The first 2018 edition of the No Name Gazette will be in the mail shortly, but if you’d like to read an on-line version, please click here.
  • Election Results for 2018 Officers:

    Thanks to all of our members who took time to vote. The 2018 Officers will be Mary Ann Chory, President; Al Hausrath, Vice President; Michael Narigon, Secretary; Charles Clendening, Treasurer and Dena Bouskos Immediate Past President. Newly elected Directors are: Carol Schamp, Reggie Jue and Marcy Morrison. Carry-over Directors from 2017 are Jack Trost and Bob Doll. Ballots were received from 25% of our members; 56% by mail and the remainder by website. Our members who responded to our survey questions felt that TRA was exceeding their expectations. We appreciate your kind words with respect to our recent directory, mail pouch column and events. We will more actively encourage and support the development of off-site groups using our San Diego and Huntsville chapters as examples and are looking for volunteers in other geographic locations who would like to work with us.

  • A retiree mentors STEM students

    We have an opportunity to leverage our STEM experience and give back to society by volunteering to tutor under-resourced students.  To find out more information, see our post by clicking here.

  • For more information about passing of our colleagues, please visit our In Memoriam page. You can also leave a note in the comments. Meanwhile, we are sorry to pass on the following sad news:
    • Sandy Behrens wrote to tell us that her dear husband, Will Behrens, passed away suddenly on Saturday, February 3, after a long, valiant battle with Parkinson’s and Dementia. There will be a service at Ascension Lutheran Church, 26231 Silver Spur Road, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90274, on Friday, February 23, 2018, at 11 am with lunch following the service at the church.
    • Milstar alumni mourn the passing of Bill Holcombe, who passed away after suffering a stroke. Funeral services will be held Tuesday, Feb. 20 at 10:30 am at Riverside National Cemetery. For info, or to post on the family obituary page, please visit our In Memoriam page.
    • Ann Pino informed us that her husband, Leo Pino, passed away February 2. Ann hopes to hold a “Celebration of Leo’s Life” at Grunion’s Restaurant in the near future. Ann would like to hear from Leo’s friends.
      If you don’t have contact information, send a note to us at the TRA and we will pass it along.
    • We note the passing of Jack Whalen on January 21, 2018, with family by his side at Vista Village Senior Living facility in Vista, CA. A memorial Mass will be held at St. Norbert’s Catholic Church, February 17, 2018 at 2 p.m. For more information, click here.
    • Brenda McDowell’s sister let us know that Brenda passed away on January 11, her 66th birthday. Brenda had been hospitalized since October of last year. She was a senior secretary at TRW/NG and supported Don Edwards for many years.
    • Jim Troy, who is very active in our Huntsville, AL chapter, wrote us to let us know that his beloved wife Peggy Troy passed away Saturday Nov 18 after a four year fight with pancreatic cancerr. In lieu of flowers the family suggests donations be made to University of Texas-Houston, M D Anderson Cancer Center.
    • Tina Lee wrote us to let us know that her father, Albert C. Lee, passed away on September 7 at the age of 92. Albert started as an electrical engineer at Space Technology Laboratories
    • Jerry Bullard’s wife, Patricia, wrote I am heartbroken to say that my dear Jerry passed away this morning after a fast-acting return of cancer. I know he would have wanted his work friends to know and to tell them how much he valued the friendship and experiences with his work colleagues. For more info, visit the In Memoriam page
  • We have now posted an updated list of NG Clubs. Retirees are welcome to join as associate members. For details, click here.