Delta 4 Heavy Scheduled for Saturday 8:06 pm Launch from Vandenburg

7:26pm Fri update: launch delayed. Now Sat 8:06pm but keep checking their web page for the latest story. Thanks to Ronald Woods for the better link below… Orig post: If youʻre in SoCal this Fri, you might want to look up and west at 8:19pm. Night launches can be pretty if the skies are clear. 9 … Read more

NASA InSight Lands on Mars with NG Technologies

Northrop Grumman CorporationLike Page November 26 at 11:57 AM NASA InSight has landed on Mars! NASA’s latest robotic lander will study the interior on the red planet. #DYK that multiple #NorthropGrumman technologies made t… See More 2 Comments 36Lloyd Overstreet, Mary Ann Chory and 34 others Comment Comments David Gardner Why does one tech not have a face mask? 1 Manage … Read more