Karen DowKaren Dow

I had some problems with Towers Watson a few months ago. I filled out an authorization to be reimbursed for monthly medicare costs ($107 approx). After I thought about it for a few months I realized that I was going to run out of money well before the end of the year so I requested a form to stop the reimbursement for the medicare payments, which I received and returned to TW. I then got a letter from TW saying that I owed the two monthly reimbursements ($214) back to them. I asked why I had to return the two payments and they said it was because those payments weren’t authorized. No matter how hard I tried to explain that I HAD authorized those first two payments and subsequently authorized a STOP payment, they would not or could not accept what I was saying. I asked that they research their files and find the original authorization that I had made to be reimbursed in the first place. They said that they could not access my files. They could not access my files???? This was the most frustrating thing I have ever encountered. I talked to 3 or so people and one person said she would help me but to no avail. When I refused to pay back the $214 since it was my money that I had authorized to pay myself out of my NG account and because I HAD authorized the payments, they countered by not sending me my monthly checks. For two months. It is a shame to have to deal with a company that is so incompetent and to realize that they are handling my money. Karen Dow TRW/NG 1982 – 2005