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      Paul WoodPaul Wood

      Good afternoon,
      Are any of our over-65 retirees experiencing difficulties with the Towers-Watson company that TRW/NG is now subcontracting for Medicare retirees?
      My wife and I are finding that it takes days of phone calls and emails to get T-W to provide a payment for medical services that we have paid for.
      They request things like “cancelled checks” as proof of payment. Does anyone get cancelled checks any more?
      During this year’s enrollment period, we were informed that although we have paid for a full year of Dental/Vision though NG Credit Union, they will only pay us back one month at a time, after we submit each monthly request for payment.

      T-W is, I believe, getting ALL of our annual stipend from NG at the beginning of the year. They then fight tooth and nail to ignore, refuse, and otherwise delay getting OUR money back.
      We have actually written a snail mail letter to NG Benefits to formally complain about NG’s choice of T-W as their supplier. In that letter, we specifically requested a return reply, either by phone, email, or snail mail. No reply has come after a year.

      I was also surprised when I called Benefits to lodge a complaint, only to find out that when you request a representative for Health Care, we are told by recording to contact our provider (T-W). T-W seems to be very happy with their ability to delay payments, and request ridiculous items. I am sure that calling them will have no effect at all.

      My wife and I are pretty computer-literate for baby-boomers. I can only imagine the confusion of those retirees who are not so literate, and are being asked to deal with this organization and their strange rules.

      Since NG doesn’t seem to want to reply or take any responsibility for T-W’s performance, I don’t know what to do. Does anyone have any suggestions?

      Paul Wood
      TRW 1981-2009

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      Roy BatistaRoy Batista

      I can only comment on your dental insurance coverage. Though it is true TW only pays back monthly, you can set up your account so payments will be credited each month automatically, no need for monthly submittals by you. Call the the NG insurance office to get a letter confirming your coverage and send it to TW with their request for distribution form

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      Lynn BoroLynn Boro

      I have been through this situation also. Your best bet is to get the letter from NG Credit Union that certifies you have your vision/dental through them and have paid the premium and you will get repaid on a monthly basis. I don’t like it either but what else can we do.

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      Karen DowKaren Dow

      I had some problems with Towers Watson a few months ago. I filled out an authorization to be reimbursed for monthly medicare costs ($107 approx). After I thought about it for a few months I realized that I was going to run out of money well before the end of the year so I requested a form to stop the reimbursement for the medicare payments, which I received and returned to TW. I then got a letter from TW saying that I owed the two monthly reimbursements ($214) back to them. I asked why I had to return the two payments and they said it was because those payments weren’t authorized. No matter how hard I tried to explain that I HAD authorized those first two payments and subsequently authorized a STOP payment, they would not or could not accept what I was saying. I asked that they research their files and find the original authorization that I had made to be reimbursed in the first place. They said that they could not access my files. They could not access my files???? This was the most frustrating thing I have ever encountered. I talked to 3 or so people and one person said she would help me but to no avail. When I refused to pay back the $214 since it was my money that I had authorized to pay myself out of my NG account and because I HAD authorized the payments, they countered by not sending me my monthly checks. For two months. It is a shame to have to deal with a company that is so incompetent and to realize that they are handling my money. Karen Dow TRW/NG 1982 – 2005

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      Ronald HrenRonald Hren

      I have experienced many of the same difficulties with T-W. As a result of these together my disinclination to participate in the “auto reimbursement” feature, I have paid the complete annual premium for my BCBS health insurance and Met Life
      dental insurance then simply submitted one request for one reimbursement after I had confirmation that my checks had
      been cancelled. Because of the many communication difficulties I have experienced with T-W, I believe it was a complete
      mistake to have selected them to competently perform their function. Ronald Hren

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      Martin MelnickMartin Melnick

      I changed my Part D policy for 2018. I waited on hold for 20 minutes before I spoke to anybody. Next I was connected to an ‘expert’ who went through a series of questions that I couldn’t stop although I had already picked my policy. Next 15 minutes more of hold then was connected to a enrollment specialist who went over the questions again and then read a two minute blurb from Medicare. Next came a recorded blurb from Medicare that lasted 5 minutes. Took me about two hours. I then asked if I could enroll for whom I had been granted POA on the T-W form. Pinhead on the line wouldn’t allow it and said I need to call back when she was available.

      I don’t think one should be surprised at the outcome in dealing with T-W. Just listening to the reps it is clear that they are minimum wage hires with marginable educational background. Sure T-W has some good CSRs, but they are not the ones that answer the calls from NG clients. I have had some success on dealing with billing reimbursement issues but it takes at least two levels of escalation before reaching someone that would inderstand.

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