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      Brian JarvisBrian Jarvis

      When my wife and I retired from Northrop Grumman in 2010, we had retired early and enrolled in the pre-Medicare retiree medical plan (Anthem). The plan premiums increased significantly from 2010 to 2011, 2012, & 2013. Ultimately in 2014, we enrolled in the ACA Marketplace Exchange, and through tax-efficiently withdrawing from our investments, qualified for significantly subsidized health insurance with relatively good coverage in our area. We’re considering returning to the NG retiree medical plan for next year.

      So, now we’re approaching 65 years old – her in 2019; me in 2020 – and we’re reading about this thing called ViaBenefits, how it somehow involves assistance selecting Medicare Supplemental policies, and how the company assists in subsidizing the premiums for the various Medicare plans. This is something we hadn’t heard about at the time we retired and we’re not sure how all this works. What kicks-off the process with involvement with ViaBenefits? Do they contact us? Do we contact them? How do they even know that we exist? Do we need to be enrolled in the NG Retiree Medical Plan in order to have access to ViaBenefits? Or can we enroll directly with ViaBenefits at any time? Are there any online briefings on this that we can access? Lots of questions, so little time…….

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      Roland HipsleyRoland Hipsley

      Via Benefits has a web site: https://my.viabenefits.com/ . or call 855-832-0976 M-F 8A-9P. They should be able to advise you or provide you contact info.

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